Affirmation Series Part 8: The Process of Detachment. (One time purchase)

Good morning MentorshipRevolution Community!

Heads up, and out of bed we go.

I hope you all are having a easy going and great morning.

Presently in the month of July we are on Affirmation Series Part 8: The Process of Detachment.

I shared a picture that I think should be the cover photo for this entire series.

The words explain detachment: “Detachment is not you owning nothing, but nothing owning you”

Detachment must not be misunderstood.

As human beings aka social creatures and people that live in a world today that thrives on material goods, we can’t realistically detach from everything.

In this series I do want to make that clear.

The Detachment I want to affirm in this series is the detachment from negativity ( wherever it may be coming from in your life) and unhealthy emotions such as fear, doubt, worry, and excessive stress.

In this series I want to incorporate and cover many topics such as co-dependency, insecurities, fear of being alone, and how proper detachment is the healthy way to facing and healing from all the scenarios mentioned above.

I told you all a shift has occured, and because of that I am doing things differently for the first time in this Affirmation Series.

If you are interested in joining us in this Affirmation Series ( and the rest to come in the future) I am going to offer this one at a great price.

$25. This will include not only this entire month of affirmation series content, materials, and resources. But also all the other Affirmation Series I will offer for the rest of 2019. The $25 you pay will be a yearly cost instead of monthly.

That isn’t asking for too much people, and I have been offering everything at the highest advantage for a year thus far: Free!

I pray and hope you will choose to come along as we spend the month of July healing and detaching. Let’s make every step meaningful☺



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