Music 24/7, sounds convenient.

Good morning MR Community, Friends, and family.

I hope you enjoyed your July 4 celebration just as I did.

This morning I am coming to you early, and I have on my mind music.

Music? We all know what it is, why it is here, and who it is for. Music is for us!

This brings into mind the popular music platforms ( some free!) that are running and available today, via mass media.

I use Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube most of the time to stream music. Both YouTube and Pandora are music platforms/apps that allows you to listen and access music free!

So, I think that if you didn’t know this before you should look into it. In today’s world there is so many music genres, styles, and varieties. You can listen to all the music you love right now, and I will share the links below for you:




Click and Enjoy!!!



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