MR’s Weekly Challenge (6!)

Good morning MentorshipRevolution Community! I hope you all are up and active by now.

Right now I am bringing to you MR’s weekly challenge. Are you ready? I know you like woman, we been ready.

You see this picture. In this picture I am holding my beloved Gratitude Journal. A gratitude journal is a very sacred object.

Why? The purpose of your gratitude journal is to hold all the ways you as person choose to be grateful. It is a journey into the mind of how thankful a person is in their life for all they have and the person they have become.

This week I challenge you to buy or create a gratitude journal! I ordered this cute and right size one on Amazon- a year ago after graduating high school and before starting college. That season in my life was the perfect time to start a gratitude journal☺

You can even take a regular notebook and create your own gratitude journal. There are just so many ways to create one, but after you have your gratitude journal this week I want you to start by doing this simple exercise.

List 5 things you are most grateful for in your life. Name 5 reasons you should be grateful. 5 blessings, 5 reasons you can be happy today.

Morning time is a nice time to start completing this small exercise, but even the afternoon can work.

“An attitude of gratitude brings great things.”
— Yogi Bhajan


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