MentorshipRevolution Newsletter 14th Edition ( Month of June)

Greetings MentorshipRevolution Community! Welcome to MR’s 14th Newsletter.

As you should all know June 21 was MentorshipRevolution celebration of our first year anniversary. I appreciate all the MR members, supporters, and collaborators! Love. Love. Love.❤

This newsletter will not be very long, and hopefully that sits well with you.

In June we announced the launch of our very own mentorship program, which you can find all the upfront important information and details on this website.

The summer deal MR is offering currently right now will likely change once the summer is over, and this pertains to online and traditional mentoring. Please contact us directly now at if you are interested in having a mentor that listens, understand, cares, and can relate and contrbite to your lifetime experiences. Our mentorship program is the only of its kind, and we are willing to be flexible.

Many of you know how powerful the affirmation series has been in this community, and I am excited to announce that I have decided on the focus of July’s affirmation series👏

In July we will focus on “The Detachment Process”, which is the title we will be working with. MR asks everyone reading this newsletter to join us and partake in this engaging and transformative experience.

Not too long ago MR started something we like to call the “Weekly Challenge”. The weekly challenge is another idea created and offered by us that seeks to reach and motivate you during your busy week.

So far we have had numerous fun weekly challenges, such as avoiding procrastination, taking a break from social media (bye Facebook and Instagram), and embracing nature like we did as kids. Stay tuned for this week’s weekly challenge I will be posting soon.

‘The MR Podcast’ is coming along well in 2019, and I thank God for that! It is a great feeling having a podcast because radio allows you a chance to be free in opinion and thoughts for the virtue of others to hear and listen.

The great news I have to share regarding the podcast is that it is now on all of the popular platforms we enjoy using such as: Spotify, Spreaker, Iheartradio, Castbox, and Google Podcasts. With the podcast being practically everywhere radio is I will hear no excuses that you aren’t listening to The MR Podcast.

Here is the link for you to follow and make sure you never miss any of the new episodes:

As I said earlier the newsletter for this month would be much rather short and sweet. Therefore I think I have touched on all things serious and important MentorshipRevolution. Thank you for your time and commitment. I am happy to see as this community continues to reach people all over the world and make a significant difference in the lives of others ( like you!). Love❤

Sincerely, Founder Hannah Lassiter


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