A Smart Deals Day!

Hi! Today I have a new Smart Deals coming at you.

So far everything I have shared with you all in the smart deals I have been a user of myself ( that is of the products and services).

Today I want to share with you all Hello Fresh. Since the members of MentorshipRevolution span all over the world, including the USA and internationally I am happy to say that Hello Fresh is an international company.

It is a meal kit company that specializes in delivering fresh and healthy food ingredients ( you choose the dish you want to make!) straight to your door, and it is based in Berlin, Germany. I am saying this for real, because I have been a customer.

Sadly I had to cut back on Hello Fresh upon leaving for college, because I couldn’t juggle ordering entire dishes and boxes of food also financial costs at the time ( we all know college students live on a special budget).

You can choose the dish of your choice.

Here is the lay out of all the delivery from Hello Fresh.

I am providing you the link for you to visit Hello Fresh website: https://www.hellofresh.com/

Did I forget to mention their meal plans start at 6. 99💦 (sounds pretty mouth watering to me).


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