MR’s Weekly Challenge 5

Sorry MR Community, Friends, and Family for my lapse in weekly challenges.

Sometimes between all the doing and moving we forget to include some things that we deem important. My bad.

This week I want to challenge us to stop procrastinating. To get it done and to get it done nice, quick, and in a hurry!

For some reason the older I get the more procrastination roams my mind, which is likely because I am dealing with more business and responsibilities.

As adults whether young or old we can wear many coats. These coats require us to get up, get dressed, get ready, be on time, and take charge!

If there is one reason to miss childhood that is one reason we would all agree on: we miss just tagging along!

But since we now are responsible for near about everything we do we must stop avoiding responsibility, stop avoiding doing certain tasks, and just muscle up in faith.

Now, that isn’t as easy in all cases. But wherever you are in your life take it one day at a time.

Do what you have to do and do it impressively well.

What we do ever day, week, month, and year becomes the story of our life. I must stop being a procrastinator!


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