Looking for Smart Deals

Hello beautiful MR Community, Family, and Friends❤

Can you believe this year is already half way over? That means most of our 2019 has already passed, and soon 2019 will be another year mentioned in the history books. Time goes just like that.

Don’t worry though, because if you are a faithful member and supporter of MentorshipRevolution you are blessed. Only people who are willing to learn, expand, and critically think would enjoy a platform like this. This community does not revolve around celebrity news, temporary and addictive entertainment, or spreading rumors. That is not my cup of tea, and I know many other like minds who would agree.

MentorshipRevolution is a new kind of community, and I hope you take a liking to at least one of the services we have or content we create.

Are you looking for some smart deals? Smart Deals are shopping deals that lets you buy things for the cheapest and most affordable prices. It takes into consideration you as a customer and wants you to be satisfied. I have shared with you snack nation on here once before- and i have a new box coming so I will be showing you more from this franchise.

The other day I shared on Facebook squareup, which I personally have one of their products coming in the mail right now. Square up is a credit card processor that allows businesses to make easy transactions anywhere! I ordered mine for free due to this code:B4836D031B.

If you are not following us on Facebook I ask you to, because I post daily all important information regarding what is happening in the offices of MentorshipRevolution. Make sure you thumb us up while over there. By the way MR also has a group chat on Facebook by the name of A New Kind of Community. This is private though, and the only way to be allowed in is through a request. Give it a try if you want to get more exclusives! Here is the link (click it): https://m.facebook.com/groups/185021409046042/?ref=bookmarks

I will be posting more smart deals on Facebook, which it is kind of more convenient posting over there. You never know what deals you may find out about next☺


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