MentorshipRevolution Weekly Challenge 4

Hi everyone in the MR Community! Welcome back.

This morning I am bringing to you MentorshipRevolution Weekly Challenge!

By the way these challenges aren’t I double dare you’s. MR challenges are created to be part of your journey and maturity process mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Hopefully you will join us in our Weekly challenges because we don’t exclude people or ask you to meet a certain criteria to participate!

This week I challenge you to give nature a try.

As a kid I spent majority of my time outside or playing with toys or reading books or watching tv.

Though I spent a lot of time outside it occurs to me now that I never feared nature or I likely had little ingrained fear than at all.

Now that I am a young adult, and I know what fear is and how restricting it can be. I want that fearless girl within me back again!

I am not little anymore, as in being a little girl. But I actually have the cards on my side in many more ways now.

As a child I also found it relieving to be able to enjoy nature, and there was a sense of excitement and fulfillment in those simple outdoor activities.

I could run outside without shoes and not faint. I didn’t mind getting dirty or the dirt and wind blowing in my face.

This week try nature, and reflect on how nature has impacted your life. If you need to get back in tune with nature like myself go ahead and give it a try. I will be right along with you!

Don’t forget I am sending you a personal invitation to be apart of this week’s weekly challenge!



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