MentorshipRevolution Newsletter 13th Edition🌟

Hi MentorshipRevolution Community, Friends, and Family!!!

I am so excited to be writing MentorshipRevolution 13th Newsletter. This newsletter is monthly so MR has officially reached the one year mark!!

That also means I have been a high school graduate for a year now.

Thank God I made it through that period in my life! Those four years were growing pains for sure.

I will be publishing this Newsletter the last month in May, and sorry to all that this offend.

I announced MentorshipRevolution first Giveaway almost 2 weeks ago. All the information and instructions for entering can be found on all of MR’s Platforms. Please email if you have any inquiries or concerns. If you want to know the prize that is being given away

I am happy to share an update on what is happening in my life. My last day of my first year in college was May 6 ( after a few old end year exams). Now I am back in my old hometown on summer break.

Thank God I can focus and work on other things that I am passionate about besides courses and college obligations.

My first year was nothing short of demanding and amazing. When I return to Lenoir Rhyne University in fall of 2019 things are already looking to be even more amazing.

If you haven’t noticed yet MentorshipRevolution didn’t host an affirmation series for the month of May. This is for a few reasons, but don’t worry. I still will carry on this affirmation series, and it will only get better for us all.

The MR Podcast is asking you to listen and follow. Yes, I haven’t recorded any radio for the month of May, but again don’t worry. When I return I will be better than ever, and I have plenty to share with all listeners.

Here is the link to follow the podcast if you haven’t followed yet:

The MR Podcast is now on popular platforms such as Spotify ( it will show up on directory within a week), Castbox, and Google Podcasts. This I am so so proud of myself about!

For this Newsletter let’s talk about Moving forward.

If you are familiar with MR Newsletters by now you should know we always feature conversations and knowledge in these at the end to give you something to look forward to. That is just we do, right?

Well, moving forward is heavy on my mind right now.

So many times in our life we have to learn, listen, adjust, obey, and move forward.

Moving forward means let go and get ready.

Let go of what is no longer real or tangible as of now and get ready for what you know is to come by the force of your faith and blessings.

After graduating high school I am praising God for the freedom and power I have now to decide my life.

I am not held handicap anymore. Bound to a place that reminds me every day how much of a powerless child I am.

Every person reaches that point in their life where there wings are released and they are able to fly any fall. And start all over again!

It is okay. Because at the end of the day reality wants you to move forward and to move into the space that serves your soul and purpose the most.

I ask you to move forward. As long as you are living there is opportunity abound.

Thank you so much for reading MentorshipRevolution Newsletter 13th Edition! In June MR will be celebrating a year being in existence. I thank God for allowing me to be MR Founder and Messenger.

~Sincerely, Hannah Lassiter MR CEO



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