MentorshipRevolution Weekly Challenge 2

Yay!!! It is our second week of MentorshipRevolution Weekly Challenge.

How did the first week of this challenge go for you? Did you say no? Did you worry less about pleasing others?

I hope so. Now let me introduce the challenge for this week..

This week we are going to laugh. Yes, this week we are focusing on simplicity and less stress.

I must be honest. This week’s challenge speaks to the core of my soul.

I have been told by many people, those close and strange, that I have the personality of an old soul.

So sometimes I over think, I imagine the worst, and I take life very seriously.

Taking life seriously is a whole nother subject..

But anyways. Make time this week to attempt and complete this challenge.

It is easy. But not so easy, right?

I will let you know How well I have done not taking things so seriously by the end of the week☺


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