This Is What MentorshipRevolution Mission Is.

Part of anything’s mission is what that mission creates and makes.

Relating to MentorshipRevolution’s mission that means alot.

Not only did I create this business and organization to be A New Kind of Community, but this is a business formed in the 21st century by a Generation Z.

That is amazing and astounding. Unique and uncommon.

In this post I am going to share with you all that MentorshipRevolution is currently doing and what MR is able to offer you.

1. First things first is MentorshipRevolution Monthly Newsletter.

2. Second up is MentorshipRevolution’s Monthly Question Column. I have not seen one that can top it. Hands down!

3. MentorshipRevolution has a collection of SuperSoul Sundays. While these are not published every single Sunday ( as of yet). This is great for worship, awakening, and reflection or recollection.

4. The MR Podcast. Yes, MentorshipRevolution has our very own podcast. You are a special guest so make sure you are following to stay tuned for every episode!

5. Facebook Mentorship page. Find and follow us on Facebook because this page is constantly keeping you updated and inspired☺

6. Instagram: MentorshipRevolution101. Follow us on Instagram and one day we might just pop up on your Instagram live.

7. I saved the best for later. MentorshipRevolution has the best Affirmation Series to ever hit the net! It is so good and personal, but even better so far it is free. Which is also an uncommon thing to see. Please take advantage of these materials and resources while you can. They can all be found on the website!

8. MentorshipRevolution is on Pinterest.

9. MentorshipRevolution will be setting into motion our most recent grand idea. Which is to start a MR Weekly Challenge. Who doesn’t like a challenge every now and then?

10. If you haven’t yet you need to be on our awesome email list. It is constantly growing, and I am inviting you personally to be on the list. Leave a comment on this post to join asap!

11. Last but not least is you can reach MentorshipRevolution 24/7. We now have a team of 3 awesome young women. The email to reach us at is

12. Did I forget to mention that MentorshipRevolution cares so much about you that we recognize and celebrate holidays and commemorations with you. Black History Month we published our very own trivia and published articles on Negro Spirituals and the Black Panthers. In this month of May we are even focusing on Mental Health Awareness Month! No one in their right mind wouldn’t want to miss joining this kind of community.

13. For our first year anniversary in June we are planning something very special in MR’s offices. I need you to make sure you are following this website, following Mentorship on facebook, join the email list, and being active. Keep tuned for what will happen.

BTW I started MentorshipRevolution as a sole founder after graduating high school last year. I believe in setting the bar as high as possible. God has blessed me, and part of my responsibility is to share the blessings. I encourage you to go out and do the same❤


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