Studying Abroad In Italy

There is a very exciting prospect.

Along with all the other innumerable opportunities the college I attend has offered I now have the opportunity to study abroad.

It will be in May of 2020. That means I have an entire year to indulge all the possibilities and make the final decision.

It will be amazing if I did get to go to Italy. Sounds like a child in a fairytale to be honest.

College happens so fast, and I am not one to pass up any thing good that comes my way.

I plan to do my research and reasons why I would most like to go.

The purpose of Study Abroad is to see new sights, expand your comfort zone, and to gain knowledge of the world in a much larger context.

I think I sound ready for that, but I always consult God in my decisions.

What if I go out of country and by this study abroad experience I decide I prefer living outside of the U.S.A better?

Being the person I am I will not be suprised.

So how does studying abroad in Italy sound? Do you all think that would be a wonderful and beneficial experience for a 20 year old?

By the way I am majoring in Psychology so the experience will involve psychological focus, activities, and ideas.



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