Home Sweet Home🏚

Hi MentorshipRevolution Community, friends and family!

I finally made it home last night right before midnight.

My first year of college has officially gone.

I am so grateful for all the experiences, new friends/family, accomplishments, successes, and lessons of the past year.

Thank you all that have joined this community, and motivate and encourage me publicly and privately.

Sometimes I wonder how my life will turnout because it can be hard to release the grip of trying to control the outcomes.

This summer I plan to be productive and relaxed. I think the proper balance will do myself much good😊

Now that I have mentioned summer. How do you all each plan to spend your summer? I, myself will have some highlight events and I will love to bring you all along for the journey.

You all have a great day because you my friend exist only to be great ❤


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