A First Year Student Last Day!

Good morning beautiful people. Sounds a little different than my normal greeting, huh?

I have been in over my head as the time for my first year at University comes to a head.

Yesterday I had a statistics final exam, and I presented my capstone project. The capstone was for a philosophy in history and memory course.

Interestingly I decided to pick Hannah Arendt and focus on dissecting her published article “Reflections on Little Rock”.

Hopefully we all know about the historical Little Rock 9.

If you are not familiar with what I am talking about, I will share a few more details. Heck, I may create another post to share this story 🙂

Anyway, Little Rock 9 consisted of 9 African American students ( high school men and women) who would be the first to integrate an all white school. This happened during a period of segregation in the U.S.A. So these African American students courage made a tremendous difference in history.

Tomorrow I take my second and real final exam in FYE, in which that class is like a theological course in Christianity.

I am proud that I have MentorshipRevolution a main priority even through all the stress and unexpected events of my first year in college. Which has honestly been a new way of life for me!

In August I return to Lenoir Rhyne University, and I will be a second year Junior. By 2020 before my 20th birthday I will already be a senior in college.

There are so many exciting things happening for me, and I thank God for wisdom and favor along the journey.

Upon my return in August I will be busy off the gate, and in addition I return like a week early because I will be an orientation leader & Course Assistant ( It will be a course on Women’s Leadership).

As I continue to try to work on my podcast I may share more with you all on how college life is going and how I have learned to adapt and reach beyond my comfort zone.

Maybe this summer I will have time for these kind of ideas.

I believe that we all have to create short term and long term goals. And that is how I have become so successful in doing the things I have imagined!

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