Smart Group Board, An Excellent Tool For Social Learning

For my senior project my last year of early college high school I decided to dedicate my project to understanding social learning.

One of the biggest breaks of my comfort zone I was able to be an assistant teacher for 2-3 months to 4th graders at my local elementary school. Which was the same elementary school I attended 🙂

It was one of the greatest opportunities of a lifetime, and the experience was breathtaking.

In the end this experience allowed me to create The Smart Group Concept: A Tool For Social Learning.

I provided every teacher at my early college each a sheet of their own, because based on research and real world experience I can guarantee this tool works for any small groups.

Small groups can become Smart groups if delegation and cooperation exists.

I advise this model for teachers, companies, and any reason in the social context.

1) Number 1 is Problem Solving Skills.

2) Number 2 is Engagement or Invested Interest.

3) Number 3 is being able to agree to disagree aka Conflict Resolution.

4) Number 4 is Assigned Roles. Meaning each member within the group has a task to complete.

5) Number 5 is Leadership. Every group needs a member that is great at instructing, speaking, and guiding the mission. Leaders should be determined, experienced, and patient.

6) Number 6 is Focus. That is the purpose of all social groups in a social learning environment should be to reach a goal with the help and support of each other. This is the benefit of being in a group vs working alone.

What are your thoughts on Social Learning? What are some good and bad experiences you have had? Do you think this model is efficient? I would love your feedback on this cool tool I have created 🙂


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