Never Be Afraid To Speak About Critical Issues

In this short blog post I want to tell you all why you should and can be the person that isn’t afraid to speak up.

I know every person doesn’t like to be the loud mouth or the one that make others feel uncomfortable.

I honestly am one of those people ( sometimes). I don’t like to hold people for ransom or in other words force a horse a to drink.

But the leader spirit my maker has bore into me has given me the gift of never being afraid to speak on critical issues.

In the image below I am sharing you will see a post I posted on Facebook a few days ago

Here I am attaching another resourceful news story that can inform you on this current event:

In the post above that I posted on the popular social media Facebook I share a video on the recent current event about the 13 year old girl middle school girl Kashala Francis, who died after suffering from what has been said to be a vicious attack from other young girls who were her peers.

MentorshipRevolution is a platform created by myself, and if God allows me I will continue to be its brave and bold owner.

With the creation of social media there is one wise way to use such a wide platform. You can choose to be an average user or you can be a person who uses social media to be a leader, spokesperson, advocate, and voice for the people.

I ask you to join MentorshipRevolution, and with support from people like you who decided to become members our mission can be put into action day by day❤

Sincerely, MentorshipRevolution CEO Hannah Lassiter


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