Share MentorshipRevolution

Today I am proposing you a challenge.

In less than two months MentorshipRevolution will be celebrating its first year as a business, organization, and live community.

I have in mind a way that I want to celebrate this occasion, but I need your help.

Of course, right? No one should have to plan a party all by themself or imagine someone having a party by themself. Sounds bizarre.

You have seen the website hopefully by now. You know who I am, and you know that I have created this platform for people like you and I.

Starting now( which will be the moment you view this post) I ask you to share some of your most favorite content from The MR Podcast!

It may be a SuperSoulSunday, Newsletter, Question Column, Affirmation Series, or whatever else that has been published.

Share your favorite MentorshipRevolution post/content on all or even one of your social media platforms.

Or maybe you can share it personally with a family member or friend, because everything doesn’t have to be on social media.

If MR has really made a difference in your life- even if just a little you can do this in less than a minute.

This is the official Share Mentorshiprevolution Challenge!

I have faith this challenge can succeed and reach the masses, but I need you to be a part.

That is how community survives.

Once you do it, like maybe once a day or once or week or once a month. However much you can find time or make time. Let me know. Email!

Here are MentorshipRevolution’s Social Medias ( for tag reference):

– @mentorshiprevolution101

– Facebook: mentorship

– Pinterest: MentorshipRevolution

– Spreaker: The MR Podcast

I am excited about this idea of mine, and I hope you will take time to consider this small investment. It will be well appreciated!


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