MentorshipRevolution 12th Edition Newsletter!

Welcome to MentorshipRevolution 12th Edition Newsletter!

In June it will be a year for MentorshipRevolution being in existence. I have shared the story behind this organization being founded, but I never get bored of sharing this story that is built on a foundation of faith, understanding, and courage.

I am so excited about the year-long journey this business, organization, and community has had the pleasure and blessing of endeavoring.  There is gratitude and thankfulness for each and every follower, supporter, believer, and prayer partner that has joined and partnered with MentorshipRevolution.

To be blunt I have not requested or asked for any donations or charitable giving yet for MentorshipRevolution. This has been for many reasons, but I will share in this newsletter the main reason as of now.

The main reason I have not employed any people to share donations or bless MentorshipRevolution financially is because this is my first business, and I am honestly learning how to be a businesswoman and leader along the way.

I started this business at the age of 18 years old- straight out of high school. In addition I don’t have any one that is leading me or I don’t have a mentor that is demonstrating and informing me how to conduct my business or make decisions.

This is where you guys will find I am very self sufficient, self confident, and determined. I am a firm believer in God and I wear my faith proudly.

In the same token I am not afraid to seek help, answers or guidance when it is proven necessary. The time I have right now while my business is still very fresh and young I will use to learn and inspire ( while I am being inspired).

I hope that you are aware that MentorshipRevolution has been hosting our Affirmation  Series Part 7: Know Thyself the entire month of April. I believe Part 7 has been evidence of the growth and the positive effect the Affirmation Series has been able to have for this platform, and all those who choose to be involved.

The website has been overflowing with the proper content, resources, and materials that serve as a guide for all those who are willing to practice and prosper through the simple use and learning of the tool: affirmations. 

If you haven’t joined the Affirmation Series, and you are interested in being able to join: You Are Not Too Late! Simply visit, and there you will be able to easily access all the recent or even older materials that are convenient for you. 

Now MentorshipRevolution even have our very own link tree. For everyone that may be just learning of this tool, link tree was created to help internet users gain access to many links in one space. Simply by just clicking or copying and pasting. This is also very useful for those who are busy like myself, and are interested in making the process of Enlightenment a tad bit easier!

Here is the link to MentorshipRevolution link tree:

In this Newsletter for the month (even though it is near the very end of April) I am very proud to say that MentorshipRevolution has expanded our Management Team/Crew. Meaning that there are now other individuals involved in the behind the scenes and hard work that is involved in leading and guiding the mission of MentorshipRevolution. 

The two other people are two motivated young women and long time supporters of MentorshipRevolution by the names of Anasia Marie & Ingabire Belise. Anasia Marie will be currently serving MR as a contributor, and Ingabire Belise will be serving MR as an author.

Ingabire Belise herself has a very well written statement that she wants to share with you all: “Hello everyone my name is Belise and I am a new author for Mentorship Revolution. With Mentorship Revolution I hope to grow on the way I write so I can make sure that majority of my audience hears and comprehends what I am saying. I live in Florida and I enjoy weightlifting.”

Belise, welcome to the management crew and board of MentorshipRevolution! There is so much awaiting all of us as we proceed forth on this journey and adventure. Lets be assured that there is greatness and growth in the positive direction! 

The MR PodCast has been in operation or life and effect since December of 2018! There are plenty of episodes posted as of now, and I need every MR supporter or believer in this organization’s mission to click this link and follow:

It is super easy to follow The MR PodCast. The podcast will offer you a radio-like experience (with me as your host), and along the way MR will have guests of all kind. I have already been connecting with other power minds, and when the right time presents guests will begin to appear. 

As a matter of fact I am offering you the opportunity to be a guest or call in on the show. First though you will need to click the link above, and follow to stay updated. 

SnackNation is an award winning healthy snack delivery that creates happier, healthier, and more productive people. Get a free snack box today! You can click the link which will send you right where you are looking to go:

Being that this is the 12th edition of the MR Newsletter most people know that there is usually a theme that is written about.

The specific theme for this newsletter will be Expansion and Development. Both ideas and systems that correspond strongly with each other.

It is paramount that along life’s journey an individual ( or even collective) prioritizes expansion and development, but even more the reflection of expansion and development. 

In a business sense this is helpful and mindful behavior that encourages super power to keep moving forward ( as slow or quickly as needed), but in a personal since expansion and development is even more of a force in the success and stability of  a person. 

I will state this again: MentorshipRevloution exists to help sustain the minds and lives of all the people living in the four corners of the world during the time of the 21st century ( and as time will proceed after). 

As a Generation Z member I am proud that I have been to form a business that doesn’t discriminate or include some and exclude the other. 

MentorshipRevolution was formed to help anyone who is able to simply say yes, which is anyone who is willing to receive help & support in the form of a mindful and awoke community. 

Get ready for Expansion and Development MentorshipRevolution Community, Family, and Friends! 








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