The 3rd Week of “Know Thyself”: How Is it Going?

It is our 3rd Week of being in the process of Affirmation Part 7: Know Thyself.

This month we used MentorshipRevolution’s Guide to Enhancing Vocabulary: 1. Define it. 2. Relate it. 3. Sentence it. 4. Remember it.

In week 3 that means we are still sentencing the idea of Knowing ourselves. This could apply to you as in you are making declaratives about who you are and what you have the potential to become.

A long with that it has been revealed to me that in order for each and everyone of us to know ourselves in fullness we have to recognize what is our strengths and weaknesses.

Because both do exist, and each and everyone of us have both qualities.

There are things that we soar in and shine brightly as we do them. It is good for us to do these things because we benefit mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Then there are things that we question are we doing them good enough and should we be the ones doing it. Weaknesses cause our pride to be humbled, and can lead to us having the desire to overcome anything seeking to hold us back.

Once we are just as aware of our weaknesses as we are our strengths ( vice versa) we are much closer to understanding, accepting, and living happy with who we are.

For me I would rather sugar coat my weaknesses, but uplift and compound upon my strengths. Neither are bad in themselves, but it becomes a battle when the imbalance occurs.

The final word as you sentence yourself this week: Take into account you are fearfully and wonderfully made. That means both your strengths and weaknesses can coexist.

As a matter of fact your life exists based on how well you can protect your strengths (embrace them) and how well you can tolerate your weaknesses ( while building upon them when possible).

Here is an example of Strengths vs Weakness ( this is not made by me, but is just an example):

Have fun as you continue to know yourself! Are you ready to walk into week 4 in a couple of days? 😊


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