2 Questions for The Know Thyself Group

As we continue this part of the Affirmation Series I have two questions for you to answer today.

Grab a notebook/ pen or save these questions in the notepad on your cellphone ( or in some kind of blank document).

Self Reflection

Question #1: What is something you want to embrace about yourself that has been challenging for you to embrace?

This can be one of your weaknesses as I mentioned we all have at least one in a post from yesterday.

Question #2: What is an area you can improve in your life that will enhance or boost the quality of what you are doing now?

This can be something that relates to your aspiration that allows you to create short term or long term goals.

Question #3: What do you do so well that you and others are able to recognize it or tap into it?

This is related to your strengths. While you have to accept that you are weaker in some areas you should also grow to clearly recognize what you are good at. This is meant to nourish your confidence and skills.

Question 4: How can you start today or very soon benefiting yourself and others with the strengths you have been given the privilege?

This is a question for the ones who feel the need to start capitalizing and utilizing their gifts, talents, or art. Make sure you don’t exclude yourself from this category!


I am so excited about this month, and I am happy with how well this affidnation series part 7 has been going. I bet you could notice based off the consistency in my posting and creating content.

I will certainly be continuing this series, but the back to back could be switched up a little differently. Since that could be unexpected ( life, right) when that happens I am going to dedicate all the time and energy I can to MentorshipRevolution right now.

Love your wonderful founder and friend, Hannah Lassiter


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