Saturday Shout Out!

Good morning MentorshipRevolution Community, Friends, and Family!

It is the day before Easter 2019. I know we all are joyful and are wearing the holiday spirit.

Let’s get ready as we know the children are looking forward to Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets.

When I was younger every Easter up until I was a teenager of course I anticipated receiving my very own Easter basket. Full of nothing but candy and sweet treats..

One observation I have made is that children really really love candy. It is a developed taste that children incline to, but this unfortunately can lead to many cavities. Lol!

Anyway I am thankful to be celebrating my very first Easter with the MR Crew ( which includes each and every one of you). I pray that you are just as thankful and blessed on this Easter year as I am.

Now, today is Saturday Shout Out! I have this wonderful ( and very wondeful he is) person I want to recognize. He has been a very faithful and supportive member of MentorshipRevolution. I affectionately regard him as my brother.

This guy is Meurig_ Murray. I know him as my brother Maurice. He likes every post and he doesn’t miss any post on this website.

Thank you Maurice for your friendship and your willingness to follow and come along with me on this journey that I have committed to as the founder of MentorshipRevolution.

I will never forget you.

This is a picture of Maurice. My brother from another mother, and may I say he is also a faithful supporter of this community MentorshipRevolution!


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