Week 2 of Knowing Thyself Has Come To An End.

I hope everyone has enjoyed week 2 of the knowing thyself part in the Affirmation Series.

The first week we defined what knowing thyself means, and this has been our last week of relating to knowing thyself. Which means by now we should all know how this series can apply to our lives.

I hope the resources and different posts I have posted on the website along the way has motivated, encouraged, and inspired you.

The results I hope you ( and us all that is apart of this) will experience after completing this month’s series is greater relationship with the heart of you ( which is major in who you appear as) and the ability to understand and listen to your needs and see them manifest.

Trusting ourselves and listening to ourselves require a decent amount of Soul Work.

Because to be honest we are taught so much by authority figures and society that we place strong emphasis on doing what is right or normal.

I know this personally, and I could only lead this series by actually having lived ( and by living).

This month we are straightening everything out.

I hope you can examine your life and see how you can build a more dependable and honest relationship with yourself.

This will determine the paths we cross, the decisions we make, and the people we surround ourselve in community with. By the way I hope MentorshipRevolution has only made positive influence in your life, and gave you just a bit of joy ❤


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