The Beginning of Week 3 Know Thyself

It is now time for us to sentence it.

Sentence what? Some people may be asking.

Sentence who you are. As a matter of fact, as you begin to sentence who you are ( giving your opinions and beliefs of yourself positive power) you will be sentencing any negative words or statements about who you are or what you will become that was said by others.

This needs to be done by some of us. I am here to let you know that together it will be done. But it is our life we are most responsible for and that is why we have to sentence it.

This week as you sentence yourself know that you are starting ( or likely even continuing) to make what you think and believe about yourself the most valuable opinon.

This also requires us to do some deep reflection and thinking on our lives ( past and present).

Below I am sharing a picture with how I have sentenced myself, and it is an example for how you can choose to sentence who you are or you envision being..


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