The MR Pledge

I am a member of MentorshipRevolution.

I understand and support its mission to help others, share with others, serve others, care for others, and teach others.

That is all people of any background, race, or kind.

I am willfully apart of this group and community, and will help as much as I can to see it fulfill its mission.

I will contribute to his group ( and be involved) as honestly, bravely, and kindly as I know how.

I am aware that MentorshipRevolution is about mentorship and by being apart I will learn and experience mentorship, leadership, community, and other fundamentals.

I look forward( and I am very excited) to develop relationships that are healthy and exciting.

I ( your name) as a member of MentorshipRevolution agree with all of these statements and I accept the power of my position.

Note: This MR Pledge was created in September of 2019, but is being posted for the first time publicly on

All copyrights preserved @ 2019.


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