MentorshipRevolution Question Column 7th Edition

MentorshipRevolution Question Column 7th Edition

Mission Statement : MR is designing a question column because we truly believe questions are the gateway to knowledge and wisdom. We are encouraging our supporters and the people in societies to seek information that can bring about positive change, individual growth, and community growth.

What’s the deal: As of now MR will randomly answer a question every now and then- that we all have asked once in our life, or at least will eventually. We desire for the questions to be asked by the people, but we don’t have a problem creating them. To send in a question please email the question to mentorshiprevolution or leave it as a comment on the website Enjoy reading this month’s column!

I am excited to announce that for this edition of MR’s Question Column we have a wonderful guest! Tiffany Johnson who is currently a pediatrician and author of the ebook “Your Child Safe From Secrets: How To Protect Kids From Sexual Abuse And Manage The Aftermath. She also has her own website at Make sure you visit it and subscribe, because the information she provides on child sexual abuse needs to reach the masses.

Hi Hannah, Thank you for your reading my blog and subscribing to my website at You asked a very good question and I am more than happy to provide an answer. Your question was, “Do people who choose to molest their own family members have a mental disorder or is it based more on just taking advantage of others to satisfy sexual desire?”

Child Sexual Abuse Brought To Light.

I’ll start by giving the definition of incest, which is intercourse or sexual relations between close family members such as a parent, child, sibling, grandparent or 1st cousin (in some states).

When molestation or sexual abuse occurs between family members it could happen for a number of reasons. There is a mental disorder called pedophilia, which is considered a psychiatric disorder where an adult or older adolescent experiences sexual attraction to younger children usually under the age of 13 years old.

However it is very unlikely that a person who suffers from pedophilia will also participate in incest. Most sexual abuse that occurs between family members is because of opportunity and certain family circumstances.

Often there is increased stress in the household and the the abuser uses the child as a sexual substitute whether due to boredom, frustration, impulsive behavior or because the abuser seeks a way to exert power over someone who is easily controlled, which is usually the child.

Because of the dynamics of their relationship this causes massive confusion for a child because this is a person that they value and trust. It leaves them not knowing what to do or how to feel because they have feelings of loyalty to the abuser but they also feel that the sexual interaction was wrong (depending on the age of the child).

Because the trust was broken the victim may have difficulty trusting others and forming healthy relationships. Also There is so much light I can shed on this issue from a victim’s perspective because in the end they are the ones who suffer the most from this type of abuse.

They struggle with self perception issues such as low self esteem, feeling that they are not good enough to other issues such as promiscuity, depression, and other mental health disorders. With the appropriate therapy they can get the help needed to cope and heal in order to live a healthy life.

If anyone you know would like to read more about this I encourage you to purchase Your Child Safe from Secrets: How to Protect Kids from Sexual Abuse and Manage the Aftermath.

Thank you for your question and I hope this answers it.

This is the end of the MentorshipRevolution Question Column 7th Edition. I hope you enjoyed the question about sexual abuse answered by the wondeful guest Tiffany Johnson ( also family of mine). As she said she has more accessible information and resources on her website about child sexual abuse.

I hope you enjoyed this question column and thank you for participating in the MR Community❤



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