Week 2 : Know Thyself. You Must Never Stop Knowing You.

I hark unto us all the point that we must never stop knowing ourselves. The loss of self, the loss of happiness, and the loss of the pursuit of happiness are the worst crimes in mankind.

You never want to be in the percentage of folks who live within a body and mind they don’t understand or deal very well with.

It is even worse when people or others (including yourself) appear happy or full in themselves, but deep down inside don’t have the self confidence and self trust to live life for themselves and the purpose they were created for in the first place.

Honestly the best advice to others and to ourselves is to: Know Thyself!

One of the greatest philosophers said it first, and I didn’t even know it till today.
Aristotle. One of other greatest ancient philosophers said it even better .This isn’t by coincidence!
Hiding behind those walls will sometimes feel like the safest thing to do, but when it is time to go out into the world don’t be afraid to be all that you know you can be, all you should be, and all you deserve to be.
I know this is intimidating. I am not the exception. But I do know that life on the side of enlightenment is always an awe experience.

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