MentorshipRevolution Management/ Creative Crew 2019

Hi MentorshipRevolution Community and Family!

It hasn’t quite been a year since MentorshipRevolution was formed (EST. 2018), but the management/creative crew are finally beginning to expand.

For a long time it has been just me and the support of all those who have came into contact with MentorshipRevolution and became a member because of their belief in this powerful movement.

In the picture above you see that in only a few months as the founder of MR I have been able to add two trusted individuals to MR’s Board of Committee.

Board of Committee refers to people who will have direct access and control to the website, materials, contents, and events hosted by MentorshipRevolution.

I am happy about how far MR has come, and I am even happier that you as a member is making the intentional choice to be involved in a community that is established on helping minds and lives. Let me emphasize in today’s world there are millions of ways to help others!

Thank you for joining this little girl who has decided to create an open community and platform for those who need it& seek it. All of us within this community have something in common, and we should never be afraid to show it or share it.

Do you feel like you can be a leader and on MR’s Board of Committee? There are still many open positions. Email!

– Love MR Founder Hannah Lassiter


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