It is Time for Week 2 in the Affirmation Series Part 7

Hi MentorshipRevolution Community Family and Friends!

We are now ready to begin the second week of the Affirmation Series.

The title of this month’s series is “Know Thyself”.

MentorshipRevolution’s Guide To Enhancing Vocabulary says #1 you must first define it.

In this case I wanted you to define yourself. This included you reflecting and remembering your first awakening moment.

How did this awakening moment affect your identity and views on who you are meant to be?

Now if you have yet to have a spiritual or enlightening awakening moment that is FINE.

Simply define yourself. Who do you think you are? What is your starting point if you have yet discover or pin point it? Why do you want to become this?

All of these questions allows us to fully embrace the process of knowing ourselves ( and being endowed because knowledge is power).

Now that we are beginning week 2, it is time to relate it..

This brings us to the question ” Why should we know ourselves?” and “How much impact can this series have by you choosing to embark upon it?”

I don’t have the answers to any of the 2 questions I just asked, except for one person. That person is myself.

You have the answers for yourself, and this is all yours to control

Get ready this week as we work together to relate this month’s series to our lives and relationships ( and altogether growth and prosperity)!!


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