Part 7: Know Thyself. Here it is.

Below in this picture I have our first assignment as we start this month’s affirmation theme “Know Thyself”.

The word Awakening is used, and as many of us are aware awakening refers to “awaking from sleep.” In words by myself awakening is changing from one state of mind to the next. It is transitioning from being the walking dead to being one who lives life with passionate intention and awareness of who one is and who you seek to become.

I think many of us would agree that being the walking dead ( not to be taken literally) isn’t always a situation of fault and when we are in that time frame of life we don’t feel dead or asleep at all. We may feel alive and well, or living life carefree.

But once those awakening experiences reach out to us( unexpected most of the time) we realize that the life we were living before can no longer be the same. For these moments have shown us things and allowed us to hear things that change our living standards and point of perception.

In this Part 7 of the Affirmation Series Know Thyself we are in week 1, and this means we have an entire month to embark on this part of this series. Let’s all pass Assignment 1 ( Which is Below) together, and let’s allow this time to be one that is transformative and enlightening. I will try to share my journal on this subject with you all, but I am a first year full time college student. So bear with me if I don’t get around to it.

I invite you all to share with me your stories and experiences ( there are many ways you can). The email for MR is, we have the Facebook Community Mentorship, Instagram page MentorshipRevolution 101 (dm), and of course under this in comments.

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