Mentors Multiply💯

Hi MentorshipRevolution Community, Friends, and Family!

Welcome to another glorious day in the land of the living, and another MR blog post of course!

I hope you all have been having an exceptional 2019 so far since we have completed more than 1/4 of our entire year so far..

Before we all know it I will be announcing MR’s 1st year anniversary and addressing the year as 2020 instead of 2019.

As you all should know by now ( at least I hope you do 🙂 I am a first year college student. Yes, I turned 19 years this year in the year of 2019.

I attend the private college in Hickory, North Carolina by the name of Lenoir Rhyne University.

My experience since being here as been one of expansion and exploration. In the most harsh words I can force myself to say: these months have been busy, purposeful and tiresome. This is college real life, and not in a television comedy!

But today when I attended Chapel ( which is located on my college campus since it is Lutheran) the visiting pastor who was also a college alumni used some powerful words in his brief but moving sermon.

The words that sought my attention and thoughts feverishly were relationships that multiply. There are relationships that add, subtract, and divide. But the relationships that have monumental and everlasting value are those that multiply.

Reading these words now as I write I just realized that all 4 ( add, subtract, divide, and multiply) are the main properties of math. Common to us due to our educational experiences, but even more in our day to day finances.

Family I ask you to evaluate the 5 closest people to you. Whether family, friends, co workers, or maybe even MentorshipRevolution.

I invite you to become a community member, subscriber, and follower of MentorshipRevolution. This organization is founded on the hope and propensity of sustaining the minds and lives of people living in the world today in all corners ( particularly the 20th century).

MentorshipRevolution is here to offer you the support and resources you need. Whether it is available through encouragement, inspiration, education, mentor, or coaching.

Remember Mentors Multiply! Adding is not monumental. There is more that can be met and done than that. But multiplying is the goal that I seek to see this organization do in the lives of others, and I know that we are steady growing in that direction. ❤


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