I Am Officially A Tutor!!!

Hi MentorshipRevolution Community, Friends and Family. I hope each and everyone of you have been having a decent week.

Yesterday I had my first official tutoring session with a senior in high school by the name of Jayden. I assisted him in math, specifically algebraic expressions and finding perimeter/area/ volume..

A little background on my history as a tutor. I became a certified peer tutor my junior year in high school (2016). After so many years of waiting, hoping, praying, and learning I finally had my chance during my junior year of high school to teach kids in pre- school (pre k- second grade). The same preschool I once attended as a kid that is ( more than 5 years year had went by). You can say I was having those flashback moments while there.

In case you are wondering why I enjoy tutoring let me tell you some of the main reasons. 1) I love teaching 2) I love conversation 3) I love helping others ( especially in education) 4) I feel pretty smart 5) It provides opportunity to meet people and form positive relationships.

Jayden was a great student to tutor. While helping him in his math studies I felt it was only right to show genuine interest in his goals, strengths, and life in general. Jayden was laid back, a great listener, and he was alert throughout the entire two hours.

I will now be tutoring with Jayden ( and some of his younger brothers) on Mondays and Wednesdays. I thought it would serve justice to share this experience and blessing in my life with you guys. Hey, I just might be your tutor some day? ( Or someone you know). 😊

Below I will include some pictures of Jadyen’s mommy Katie who allowed me to tutor her son inside her home ( and you will also see one of his little brother’s).

I want all of you to know that MentorshipRevolution will be doing mentoring and coaching within our organization’s community in the near future. It is only fair that we offer and provide mentoring services since this is an organization that was founded on mentoring..

Remember I can always be contacted by email at MentorshipRevolution24.7@gmail.com!


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