The Art of Preparation ( Recommended For College Students)

Preparation is something that we all inevitably face some time in our life.

Most of us people have to endure and cultivate the skill of Preparation.

Preparation deals with the condition of our circumstances, relationships, health, education, and careers.

I have some exponential ideas that will help you as a little aid as you deal with this task daily.

1. Start early. As early as possible. That. is start preparing for what needs to be done while it is fresh on your mind. Otherwise you risk being late and feeling overwhelmed.

2. Make sure your plan is built to deal with all the imaginable and unimaginable. That is leave very little gaps and fill in all the details of what you want to happen, and still what might happen in the end. Let’s be real with ourselves!

3. Do your research. Collect all essential resources or convenient items. In this case scenario try to be as independent as possible, and less dependent on what others say they will give or do for you. Plans are already time filling, and therefore we need to eliminate being unaware of what we are walking into.

4. Communicate. Use social media. Talk to others that you can 99% trust and lean on. Have a ready support system as much as you possibly can. Eliminate all the naysayers or pessimistic individuals. Be surrounded with positivity, encouragement, and rich environment.

5. Focus on preparing yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The Art of Preparation certainly requires a focus mind and brain. Otherwise you will not be in the state of mind frame to create a plan that will result in a successful situation or event.

So do what I have learned to do very well in my 19 years of life. Separate yourself as much as you need to and become fixated on what you predict is ahead. You know what you are doing!


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