This word is the word that the Holy spirit blessed upon my heart and mind today.

I have more than 5 years experience of reading the scripture on a continual basis before the congregation.

A few years ago I would come across Selah as I read the psalms, and to be honest I wasn’t well known on what the meaning of this word was.

Today in church the pastor preached on the Freedom in Forgiveness, and for my benefit he elaborated on what selah means.

Selah is significant to pausing, reflecting, and pondering.

Anyone who is a faithful bible reader, church goer, or religious devout knows that the words within the Holy book is of heavy weight and breadth.

The spirit doesn’t mind us taking bite by bite of the bread of life even though I often get excited and keep reading and reading.

Beyond the reading and pronouncing of syllables is the ability to understand and digest the truth that God is and will be for eternity.

It satisfies me ( and hopefully you also) that God trusts me enough to reveal it in a way that spiritually saves and supercharges my life.


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