February Part 5 Affirmation Series Live Your Truth

Hi MR Community, Family, and Friends.

On the pickup of the Affirmation Series in 2019 we started back recently with Part 5: Live Your Truth.

All of us desire to live authentically. To be accepted as we naturally are, and to embrace the things about ourselves that cannot be changed.

But this doesn’t mean that this is an easy way to live, because life is designed to challenge and build our character.

A baby has to grow up and develop, and the process from child hood to adulthood isn’t instant.

It is one that instills within each and everyone of us patience, humility, and maturity.

This month I desired for us individually and collectively to explore and examine the Truth we desire to live by and the truth we have become accustomed to live by.

Throughout life we will continually have awakening moments, and also those moments where dealing with situations are tiring and emotionally overwhelming.

The goal in this month was for each of us to get closer to the truth that lies in our hearts and to see that truth as clear as possible.

To empower that authentic truth, to let that truth season us, soften us, inform us, and to give it more room to be just what it is ( because often denial and doubt battles truth).

But I encourage you to never stop this journey of feeding the inner truth within you because this truth will control the way you think and the way you live.

The truth is the way and it is the life ( In the words of Jesus Christ).

Love❤ March will be another wonderful month in MR’s Affirmation Series!


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