Affirmation Series Part 5: You Can Live Your Truth!

Define Living.

Define Truth.

That is an easy assignment. Why?

Because it is your choice. Your beliefs. Your words. Your visualization.

Let’s define truth as the right way. The way things actually are and should be.

Truth isn’t covered in lies. Even if it isn’t evident to us all the time, truth is infinite.

Your Truth is infinite. You are a living soul with a spirit.

You own this spirit. It has been put in you and now it belongs to you.

Your spirit has become your responsibility. You must take care of it.

Your Truth will never belong to anyone else. Anyone other than you.

That is why you must NEVER let anyone tell you YOUR truth or dare let them steal it.

For now I encourage you ( as I encourage myself) to live and enjoy the present.

Life is a process. It must be learned and walked in steps.

Remember we are all just big children. We aren’t finished yet!

❤ MentorshipRevolution Founder Hannah Lassiter


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