Super Soul Sunday

Hello MR Family and Community.

Today is Super Soul Sunday.

That means I want to have a heart to heart conversation with each and everyone of you.

A conversation that your heart will/can appreciate today and any other day you need it.

Sometimes I want to run from all the obligations in my life.

I feel the load I am carrying is one that I am enduring, and enduring implies struggle.

I don’t want to struggle. I want to be overflowing 24/7 with happiness and a huge sense of humor.

For all of us some days are better than the others.

All life is contingent on the basis of hope..

Steal Hope and you steal a person’s dreams, mind, and imagination.

I understand that the reason I feel overwhelmed is because I am working hard, and focusing very hard on living my life intentionally.

The balance arrives when I realize that I don’t have to stress into success.

If I have a positive attitude about life ( despite the reality of circumstances?) And work on applying hope to every scenario I will Succeed.

Family each and everyone of you have the powerful weapon of Hope.

Our Creator embedded Hope into our DNA, and this drive causes us to keep striving toward the end goal, and end mark.

The End goal is a flood of peace, joy, confidence, trust in ourselves and the power we have in our life, and the ability to have proper experiences and perspective.

Don’t Lose Hope. Don’t stop living fearlessly and boldy. Hope is in all of our DNA.


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