Introduction: Celebrating Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month or Negro History Month I decided that the MentorshipRevolution Community should remember African American Heroes.

Black History is not a one month per year occurrence. Black History is constantly compiling everyday as black people are alive, well, and continuing to beat the odds.

Some black people will become national heroes written in history pages for millions to learn of, while some black people will be humbly remembered and serve as local heroes only. Nevertheless, both types of heroes are equal in their value and importance to the slow but steady progress of humanity.

In this Series I seek to open discussion and lead discussion that honors and recognizes the existence of Black greatness, Black strength, Black Power, and of course all Black History. I hope you decide to take my hand and travel this joyous road with me, because you will have an eye opening and an empowering emotionally mixed experience.

MR Community I desire to know more about your thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Always feel free to leave comments or provide feedback on the content MR creates. Remember this is created for the people, and not just one kind of people. Thank you!

Love❤ Hannah


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