Part 5 of the Affirmation Series: Live Your Truth

Do you ever notice that all things thrive on growth?

From the day you were born you were thrust into a non-stop world that Always keep moving.

This is why babies bring so much joy, anticipation, and gladness to us and the world around them.

Babies are innocent. Therefore they are still viewed as perfect and flawless. How is it possible for a baby to do wrong or commit offense?

What makes babies so appealing and lovely in our eyes is that they are adorable and precious. They can do no harm.

But what happens as this baby begin to climb the ladder of life? They GROW.

First they wobble. Then they crawl. Finally they can stand on their own legs, and finally walk.

This is the moment everyone knew would eventually happen. It took tender care, development, and finally the baby is thriving and growing.

There is this catchy phrase “Stand On Your Own Two Feet”. Let’s break down the meaning of these small but very significant words.

For a baby to stand on its own two feet it must go through the first several stages of development that all new borns are expected to endure.

Babies thrive on growth. In the present moment we are thriving, and hopefully because we have developed and matured within our lifetime.

Even once we are no longer babies we will keep thriving on growth. Every sane person can vow to you that they desire growth in their life. They desire greater and more.

This is part of the human blessing and curse.

The main message has arrived. I hope you have traveled this road along with me to arrive at this specific point.

I want to live my truth. If I want that for myself I should want it very other equal human being and life.

Living your truth can be an objective preface or statement. What it pertains to the individual is what it should mean.

The hard truth we all learn as we go from the stages of infacy to maturity is that we have to grow up.

One of the core requirements of such a major transition is “the eyes opening”. This is symbolic for saying you become open and aware to the truth.

The wool is no longer over your eyes. Things are no longer covered and hidden. Doors that used to be closed and locked, are now able to be opened.

Now, just because we can now understand or discern reality as what it really is doesn’t mean that this new found knowledge catapultes us.

We can be catapulted. But what will determine that ability is thriving in growth and thriving on the truth we live.

Today’s thought: As we look at our lives in the present. Try not to be as concerned with seeing yourself as you use to be, or trying to predict future success and failure.

In this present moment one of the key ways you can determine whether you are living in optimal truth is by the things that are evident in yourself and your life ( even the things around you).

You need to remain optimistic. You need to be growing and learning how to move with time. The last thing you want to miss is truth. Choose today to live your truth. YOURS!!


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