MentorshipRevolution Monthly Newsletter 10th Edition

MentorshipRevolution Monthly Newsletter 10th Edition

Author/Founder: Hannah Lassiter

Hello family, friends, and the whole MentorshipRevolution Community👋 I hope that you all have been making the most of every moment in this new year of 2019. Remember, time is of the essence.

The mission statement of MentorshipRevolution is to help sustain the minds and lives of people living in the 21st century. I want to expound on the use of 21st century as the founder.

I state this specifically because I believe in the improvement of the current world. We can’t improve the past for the past can’t be changed or handled differently than it has already been handled..Whether good or bad. But human beings do have tremendous power to work together to build a more stable and sustainable world.

I am nearing upon my 19th birthday and I will admit a truth to you all. I went through a period in my life where I was frustrated and unsatisfied with the things of life. Many would call this reality. Reality is that we are not always happy and able to know everything..As much as we all want to claim we are all that and we have something to save the world. Guess what? Everything we do affects others ( and ourselves of course) and either connects or disconnects us from other human beings.

You all I have spoken this far, and haven’t even gave a run down special on what is happening in the office of MentorshipRevolution😅 First of all, MentorshipRevolution’s podcast by the name of “The MR Podcast” is alive and in action. Please follow us on Spreaker. Everything we do is in align with our mission statement. The podcast will be diverse, informative, personal, friendly, and hopefully influential. Episode 4 with the wondeful man and first Guest

I also am excited to share that in 2019 MentorshipRevolution is continuing our Affirmation Series. This Affirmation Series was created to apply the power and effectiveness of using affirmations in our daily and personal lives. It is for you and everyone you may know or be acquainted with. Please share the platform with them. We desire for more commitment, participation, and influence within our MR community. BTW, Part 5 of the affirmatiom series will be titled Live Your Truth.

Now, here is the point in the monthly newsletter where we start the topic of conversation. Bell rings🔔 In the monthly newsletter of February we will discuss “Connecting The Past, Present, And The Future.”

Also I would have a whole crazy moment if I forgot to mention and honor Black History Month..In the length of this newsletter there wouldn’t be enough time to even elaborate on the significance and importance Black History has had in America and the entire world ( and which it will always have). MR definitely will create content this month in honor of Black History, which is my history.

Black History Month ties into the idea of connecting the past, present, and the future. Currently I am taking a history class based on the subjects of Memory, History, and Philosophy. I am learning a mad a lot in this difficult as can be class. It is challenging me to broaden my perspective of what history means and why history even matters.

I believe in understanding and meditating on the connection between the past, present, and future. All three are equally relevant everyday. I don’t believe that the past is totally irrelevant and should be forgotten. The past is spoken of as the one that factors the most into our health and success. Because even though the future holds all possibilities it is still distance and unpredictable.

When we understand the connection between the past, present, and future we are able to function in our entire being. Accepting all of our individual makeup, and the makeup of the world around us. It is a personal adventure and something that calls for community. Community that is aware. Community that finds meaning and community that allows for connection.

In 2019 MentorshipRevolution will continue to broaden our horizons and seek to fulfill our mission and purpose for being in existence. Thank you for being brave enough to travel this road with us🌟


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