The MR Podcast!

Hi Family! Good morning. I pray everyone’s morning is starting well, peacefully, and productively. In the last 6 months my life has changed dramatically.

I am in a an entirely different environment, I am around strange/unfamiliar/but beautiful people, and I am living a life that I have never had the chance to live before.

As anyone in this situation would expect: the changes in my life lately have been breath-taking but also overwhelmingly (to be completely honest)!

Last year I started my business/organization/and contribution to the world MentorshipRevolution. This entity was written in the stars, because we all know and understand that hard work results in measurable progress and evolution.

So far, MentorshipRevolution has been significant ( in my opinion) in building a platform and attracting the minds and hearts of others. I haven’t reached the year mark yet, but I will definitely celebrate such a landmark.

I build this platform from the ground up and it is a direct manifestation of my prayers, desires, and hopes for contributing to the world in a moral and positive way.

Now that I have made up my mind the universe has aligned, and others are able join this community. I ask that you allow yourself (yes, you reading) to be one of the mentors, mentees, teachers, students, counselors, trail blazers, leaders, and supporters that join MentorshipRevolution. We are a New Kind of Community.

As you read, the title of this blog post is “The MR Podcast”. I am so excited to announce that I already have a slew of amazing people/leaders that will eagerly collaborate with MentorshipRevolution’s Podcast. People such as inspirational speakers, authors, professors, and other normal people who enjoy making the world a better place.

The main challenge I am having right now in getting things jumping and moving smoothly is that I am overly busy and unorganized. Lol. As a businesswoman honesty is key!

This year I am still in my first year of college; which I am currently attending Lenoir Rhyne University in Hickory, NC. An interesting fact: I am a major in Psychology, and a minor in Education. Even though I am a fresh face among the crowd, I plan to graduate with my B.A in 2020 (Bragging rights, huh?).

I ask all of you to consider joining a community and organization like MentorshipRevolution. Simply follow us, join the email list, view our posts on facebook/Instagram, listen to the podcast, and participate in all ways made possible. You don’t have to give anything beyond what is within your heart❤

On that note. Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday!

– Hannah Lassiter aka MentorshipRevolution Founder

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