MentorshipRevolution. Question Column (4) Edition

MentorshipRevolution Question Column
(4th Edition)

Mission Statement : MR is designing a question column because we truly believe questions are the gateway to knowledge and wisdom. We are encouraging our supporters and the people in societies to seek information that can bring about positive change, individual growth, and community growth.

What’s the deal: As of now MR will randomly answer a question every now and then- that we all have asked once in our life, or at least will eventually. We desire for the questions to be asked by the people, but we don’t have a problem creating them. To send in a question please email the question to mentorshiprevolution or leave it on a commitment at the website Enjoy reading the column!

Question #4: As a parent I sense my child has or is being severely bullied at school. How do I as a parent address this situation, and correct it? I want my child to be in a safe and successful educational environment as a student.

MR’s answer ( Hannah Lassiter): Dear mom/ dad I am very sorry to hear that your own child is/ or may be suffering through such a traumatic experience such as bullying.

I truly believe bullying is traumatic because it involve the acts of rejection, embarrasment, and hatred ( all in the same mix of events).

While schools are the last place you would/should expect bullying, the truth is that school houses are now the easiest place for such offensive behavior to happen (besides the workplace or home). This is due to a vary of factors, but the main factor is that schools today have an extreme ‘power issue’ .
Principles/Teachers/ authority figures have delegated their jobs to minors who absolutely have no training, but of course still have maturity issues. Why do adults in schools do this?
Well, the simplest answer I can supply is that it is easy, and then we get back to the ‘power issue’ factor . Students have become so uncontrollable that discipline is considered weird and abnormal. But aren’t schools built to teach knowledge and discipline. How can you educate someone if their is no discipline in sight?
The connection between this power issue and bullying is that some students feel they have the superiority or right to make other students/ peers feel unfit or unacceptable. They have no reason to target such a person/ people other than the fact that they don’t like them and usually have a lack of empathy for other human lives. I have seen this time and time again..
The cure I would provide for any parent in treating and fixing this issue is : you take back the power that involves your child’s education. If another student dares to control or demand obedience from your child, and meanwhile the teacher is unaware or uninterested in this maltreatment you are the one that has every right to put your foot down.

Make known to the principles/ teachers of your child/ and everyone that matters that your child has informed you that they are the victim of bullying. You demand that this situation be given attention and fully prevented. This can seem uncomfortable, but it is the schools responsibility to have law and order. The bully must be called out, addressed, and treated.
You will find many bullies make excuses for their bizarre behaviors or either blame the person they are bullying. This is their probem: lack of awareness and social empathy. But remember your main issue is to make sure your child is being treated as a fair human being, succeeding in their studies, and in a comfortable and engaged learning environment.
The lesson your child needs to glean from this situation is that their are many bullies that roam the world. You can’t always fix the bully or change their nature, but you have to demand respect for yourself. Don’t be afraid of bullies. Deep down inside they obviously lack emotional qualities, confidence, and have problems with the concept love.

Make sure your child is aware that bullies ( even popular bullies) are not better or more powerful than them. Bullies are fake people. Bullies need to be put in their place ( and learn to mind their own business). Instead of trying to control others.

Yayy!! You have just completed reading another MentorshipRevolution Question Column. The 4 Edition to be exact. I hope that you enjoyed this edition, which focused on bullying in schools and how parents should deal with this issue in all situations. I really sympathize with those who are bullied, because bullying is usually never deserved. It all goes back to human decency and treating others the way you would like to be treated. Remember we are accepting questions through our email! We would love to answer a question that may be ringing in your mind 😊



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