MentorshipRevolution Weekly Newsletter 9th Edition

MentorshipRevolution Weekly Newsletter 9th Edition

Hi Family! I hope you all missed me (my voice and everything). Lol. These past two months have felt like a constant ride on a speed boat. I have been riding buses back and forth, putting in work for the evolution of MentorshipRevolution, and honoring my commitment as a college student. Words alone can’t express how busy and involved my life has been as of late. But the monthly newsletter is due, and by now I know you guys understand and look forward to these as much as I do❤ I love you all for that special reason.

The latest news pertaining to MentorshipRevolution is the thriving energy on our facebook page. I am very proud of myself for being brave enough to pull myself out of the fold, and create a different type of energy then what I normally see on my Facebook Feed. That is why I created MentorshipRevolurion. It is an uprising in the tide that isn’t afraid of going against the wave that looks like the norm. Please visit MENTORSHIP on Facebook. The content there is for each and everyone of you❤
Hopefully by now you all are aware that MR has a Question Column. This Question Column is dedicated to answering questions that must have answers. So far we have covered topics like education, college, and 21st century. Even more exciting is that we features our first guest writer, by the name of Alston Clark. To see what he said visit! You can trust that the content there is educational, informative, and pleasing. Also you can find more about Alston at his website Check him out!

You know there is so much more great news to share. A few days ago MentorshipRevolution Offficial Word Series began. Alongside the word series MR has created a guide that can help individuals enhance their vocabulary. Of course you can find this on the website! I hope you choose to take advantage of this guide because it relates to all of our need to expand the words we use on a daily basis. Today’s word of the day is Resilience. To see the rest I think you know what to do 🙂

Now👉 The topic of conservation for this monthly newsletter will be “New Years Motivation”. I am focusing on this because I believe motivation is an important key in the small things we accomplish, and of course the bigger things also. If I was to be honest, I am at the busiest stage in my life that I have ever known or experienced . Therefore I struggle with motivation when it comes to fulfilling my daily tasks and then having the energy and enthusiasm to explore and engage my interests and passions. Because we are all humans running the same race in life I know for sure you can relate. Plus I don’t think there is such a thing as to much motivation!

In this section I want to share ideas/ quotes that will provide you insight and push your inner motivation. Hopefully together in 2019 we will all find ourselves more motivated then we have been in a long time:

1. Tip #1: To do lists are an awesome tool for planning your day, marking and remembering essential tasks/ events, etc. You can make them as creative or unique as you choose. I use paper lists some days, and then other days I find my cell more convenient.

2. Tip #2: Decorate the one room you use the most or the whole house if you choose with motivational furniture, frames, posters, and pictures. Especially around your desk area where you work or study the most.

3. Tip #3: Many of use social media daily or annually for whatever reasons we choose. If you are going to be on a social media platform start using it a bit more wisely and proactively. Post motivational quotes, pictures, or stories. This is an easy way to be proactive and inspiring.

4. Tip #4: Choose a special notebook/binder that you dedicate only to planning your day, motivation, prayers, goal listing, reminders, etc.

5. Quote #1: With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. Eleanor Roosevelt

6: Quote #2: Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later. Og Mandino

Well Fam, it is about that time. I have enjoyed this month’s newsletter, and i hope you all do so as usual. Happy New Years! Happy New Years. 2019 holds a lot for each and everyone of us.


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