Everything Happens According to Plan☺

Hi MentorshipRevolution family!!! Who else has grown to love that familiar tone🎶 I know I have. December has been an exciting and reflective month for all of us..Christmas has passed, and we are now heading into the New Years 2019. I am encouraging you all to renew your mind, renew your strength, and to seek peace and stability.

Two years ago I didn’t have the vision to start something like MentorshipRevolution. It took essential time and energy and living life boldly for me to begin to even think I could actually start my own business or organization. It took the collection of wisdom, skills, and experience. Everything Happens According to Plan..This is true regarding my life and true regarding each one of your lives- who support and believe in the mission of MentorshipRevolution. I pray for you and love you beyond words (I am jot afraid to express those emotions).

Now, I have some juicy information about myself and what I have in mind. A few days ago the words “life coach” crashed upon my mind. Like waves on a beach that are unexpected and unpredictable. It was amazing to me and became noticeable that life coach entered by consciousness right around the time I have been working hard to build MentorshipRevolution straight from the ground. By now you may have noticed the connection between the words mentor and life coach. Both are unique, but are also similar in intention and impact.

Thanks to God, I have decided to entertain the idea of becoming a certified life coach. Since I know that psychology and education are the two arenas in the career world that categorize my calling it makes even more sense..Everything Happens to Plan!! Never forget this. I felt I should give my testimony and at the same time encourage the MR community. As we walk into 2019 I hope MR grows together, love each other genuinely, and pursue life to the highest advantage❤

– Sincerely, Hannah Lassiter aka MR Founder


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