MR Here with Our Monthly Newsletter: The 8th Edition

MentorshipRevolution Monthly Newsletter The 8th Edition

Author/Founder : Hannah Lassiters

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! For the first time this year I can approach MR family with bold and seasonal joy. Christmas season has come, and this is a time of remembrance and celebration. Many of us celebrate Christmas for eseasonzne of two reasons: 1) Tradition- and holiday spirit, or 2) To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ..For either reason you partake in the Christmas or seasons joy I want you to imagine the MentorshipRevolution crew right there cheering you on🎄🎉

There is so much to talk about since the last newsletter MR has published, but I will serve you the information you need as best as I can..I am good for that, right? Once I give you a full update on what is going on in the office of MentorshipRevolution, and what treats we have in store- I will then proceed to introduce our discussion topic for this newsletter. By the way, the discussion topic will be “How Mentors Leave Significant Impact on The Lives of People”

Recently MentorshipRevolution started a podcast. The podcast is titled “MentorshipRevolution”- Guiding the Minds of Today”, which if you are familiar with the website you would have seen this several times before. The podcast will be on the Spreaker website/app, and is accessible/free of charge for all people who would like to listen. What will make the podcast unique is of course the ability to hear straight from the source, the intimacy of being able to hear/participate in meaningful dialogue, and the chance to connect more with MentorshipRevolution community on an extended platform. Make sure you follow and subscribe, because MR has plans to deliver the best content you could so much desire.

MR has also released our first edition of the MentorshipRevolution Question Column. Yay, Yay, Yay🎉 I hear you celebrating with us..Again, I will remind you. The Mission for MR is to help sustain the minds and lives of people living in the 21st century. In today’s world that demands extreme patience, constant consideration, and consistency. The purpose of MR’s question column is to have members (or anyone really) send in questions that need to be answered. We would appreciate for those questions to be decent, well thought, and relatable for most of all individuals. In our first edition of the question column we answered why education is still so important in the 21st century. It is on the website and Facebook so please don’t miss this free and sincere opportunity to engage useful information.

Last but not least MR has the idea of creating and delivering a magazine. It would be known as “MentorshipRevolution: A Source for Knowledge in the 21st Century” . Our founder, Hannah Lassiter, sent several hours putting together first hand and tangible magazine copies the other day. We desire to have a good compilation of MR content, and to be able to deliver it across a broad database- so we are working on that. Since the year 2018 is coming to an end with Christmas and New Years MR doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to encourage simplicity and patience with oneself, and being joyful during this time in one’s life. This is a message we send to each and every one of you- muah!!!

The topic of discussion for this newsletter will be “How Mentors Leave Significant Impact on The Lives of People”. Mentors are the people who choose to spread the light and joy they have within to the youth and those all around them. You can identify a mentor with one of the common titles we are already used to or you can decide who is a mentor just by the significant impact they leave on a person or a group of people life. We certainly know what a mentor isn’t- those who have the potential to use power in an effective way, but instead abuses or neglects it (taking it for granted).

As the founder of MentorshipRevolution I have never had per se what you may call a professional mentor- or one who actually identifies themselve as a mentor. Based on my previous and growing knowledge of mentors/mentorship I begin to understand that though I was never “assigned a mentor” I certainly have had many mentors throughout my eighteen years of living. And if I have had many mentors who have left significant impact on my life then I know many or most people can identify with that theme as well. If you have had people- specifically your elders in many cases- in your lifetime who have inspired, taught, uplifted, educated, or loved you unselfishly and boldly I advise you to recognize them. Honor and respect them while they are still alive (and they would still appreciate your efforts if they have departed). The work they has done will hopefully continue through you.

This is the end folks! Again, I wish you a Merry Christmas Happy Holidays and New Years🎄
– Sincerely, Hannah Lassiter aka founder of MR


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