Things I Hope See Happen in the Education System

In this article I will pinpoint some of the things I anticipate happening in my lifetime in the education system. Even though I am using the personal reference “I” I believe many of these you would likely anticipate happening also.

1. More Student Leaders

– I know teaching is the job of the teacher, but imagine the future if you have passionateless students just sitting in a classroom or just being taught to obey the commander. I believe the first and the latter is the reason we see so many problems/issues occurring in the education system because the students aren’t really being guided (or sometimes not even properly educated).

2. Less fear of violence and bully dominance

Most people (including students) know the purpose of school. We go to school to learn and succeed in the curriculum being taught. But school obviously becomes a society within a society, and this isn’t the issue itself. The issue is when cliques and bullies begin to overpower and deceive the teachers while treating some of their peers as if they are the scum of the earth. Cliques and bullying is only the icing on the cake, because both of these eventually lead to violence. Violence within schools totally demean the entire purpose of going there anyway.

3. More students who understand self education

– I don’t judge others who may not be well informed on the value of self education. Because let’s face it, how many of us were told to self educated ourselves? We just weren’t taught those words. But in all actuality the only way a student will thrive from the diploma to the degree is by learning that Education is there responsibility. Teachers don’t be afraid to tell students this.

4. Teachers who realize the power they hold

– The Education system as we know it will die the day all teachers become dull, dead, and uninterested. This is simply because teachers are the backbone of the education system. By us realizing this we will begin to appreciate and honor them more effectively. Teachers know we need you to train and educate the minds of today- so keep doing your job as great as it can possibly be done.

5. Focus on the student teacher relationship

– I readily admit that one teacher in a room of 20 plus students isn’t a walk in the park. It is not a jog, but a marathon. That being said teachers and students have to understand and like each other. Respect and communication are two important keys in the student teacher relationship. Hopefully we will see students and teachers start to know each other and grow within that dynamic in the current century.

In this article I keynoted 5 changes I hope see become fulfilled in my time here alive within the education system. As I start to see personal and career development in my college journey I do see myself potentially becoming involved heavily in the education system. Who knows, many of the changes I anticipate happening I might be part of the force that causes this to happen ☺

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