Introverts Aren’t Weird!

Even though my main subject in this article is Introverts, I can’t talk about introversion without talking about extroversion. Extroverts are the opposite of introverts, that means everything they appear to do introverts do differently. Extroverts are more talkative and social, they are more outgoing and like to be the center of attention or life of the party, and they are seen as the best leaders in the business world.

In the 20th century, psychiatrist Carl Jung created the theory of two personality types: introversion and extroversion. Introverts have more reserved and solitary behavior traits while extroverts are more outgoing and talkative. A person can never be completely one of either because they will likely go insane. So to be high in one you have to be low in the other. In this article I will be talking mostly about introversion because of the lack of knowledge most people tend to show about this personality.

I have always had the characteristics of an introvert. I never was popular or was the most liked, I was a deep thinker and reading was my favorite hobby. In school and my family, I always stood out as being smart and having an interest in learning. When I graduated to elementary school and started experiencing the real side of life changes : I became a full grown introvert. Only as we journey through life and different stages do we fully notice which personality type we identify as more. For example, even though I am an introvert, I also have many characteristics of an extrovert: I am a leader not a follower, I can be outspoken and speak my mind, and I can be aggressive sometimes. Even extroverts have some qualities of an introvert: they may sometimes need to get away and enjoy solitude after a long day, or they may feel shy in front of strangers or just be laidback.

In America extroversion is the more dominant and understood personality. This change happened around the 20th century as the business world started to blossom and change the old way of life. In many ways we seem to need the more extroverted aspect instead of the introverted to survive. We have to be able to communicate and remain stable around others, and we also have to sometimes step out of our shell and do things we normally will avoid. But, as individuals, we have to be confident and secure alone because we all have one body and mind that no one else can control but ourselves. It is really important for each individual in society to have the ability to use their introvert and extrovert skills. Be yourself and know your comfort zone ( and what makes you happy), but also know adaptation is required. In the end each and every person has to accept the body, talents, and trait they have been given, regardless of how painful it can be. So, don’t judge introverts or underestimate their inner power because of your faulty and lack of understanding judgements!

INTROVERTS AREN’T WEIRD!! I know you probably never heard this said to you before today, but remember I am the main messenger. The problem in America is that most people don’t really know what an introvert is, therefore, they can’t understand or embraced. Introverts are just as normal as extroverts, we just express our emotions and passions differently.The scientists Albert Einstein identified as an introvert and one of the richest men still living in the world today Bill Gates identify as an introvert. Introverts have gifts that have shaped our world and furthered the advancement of science. Never judge the precious introvert, but treat them as you would want someone else to treat you.

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