The 5th Edition is Here!!

MentorshipRevolution Monthly Newsletter 5th Edition

Author: Hannah Lassiter
Date written: 10/29/18
Date Published: 11/5/18

Hi to you all!! I am highly excited about writing MR’s 5th Newsletter. Hopefully you have had the opportunity to see last weeks newsletter..I dedicated it to the topic: “The Power of Attitude”. Sounds interesting, right? If you haven’t seen or read it yet- just visit It is very easy. In the meanwhile I have a juicy discussion for us all. “Drum Roll…..” This Newsletter topic will be about “Life Lessons”.

Many people hear the name of this entity and wonder what it means and stands for. I am very proud that I was motivated to create a business with a name and mission as wonderful as MentorshipRevolution. While it is obviously only like 5 months old- I have so many ideas and information to share with the people. This is why you should join MentorshipRevolution, because this business isn’t about selling anything or trying to persuade people how to think. There are too many other businesses that already do very well with that kind of audience. Eventually I do want people to wear MR shirts, hats, and sweaters. But the mission behind this entity is “To help sustain the minds and lives of people living in the 21st century”. This can mean providing for you, caring for you, listening to you, speaking to you, and honestly just helping you by the kindest/ wisest means necessary.

If you’re a teacher, nurse/doctor, retailer, manager, or a human being of any kind MentorshipRevolution was created with your life and soul needs in mind. Hopefully you are aware of the platform and how to contact us personally- through the website or email. Email us for any type of questions, stories, ideas, or feedback you may have. Our only request is that you are mature, respectful, and genuine as you can possibly be.

Now lets talk “Life lessons”. Depending on how old you are you have had to learn and endure the process of life lessons. Endurance is not only about things being tough. It is about a person having an “I am strong- I can grow through this” mentality”. The hope we all have is that life lessons make us happier, stronger, wiser, and more caring about the rest of the world. Because even if we don’t quite comprehend just how big the world is and the amount of people in it- people are more like us than they are different from us. You can either view the world as one big ocean, which you are apart of or think that you yourself is an ocean. The former point of view can potentially create a world that is more universally united and peaceful. Lives that connect through the force of the universe to share with each other, love each other, and learn life lessons.

If we were being honest life lessons aren’t always sweet. They can be served in many flavors. It is important for us to endure each and every test- because that is the only way we can see this life through. For many people relationships help them get through the tough times in life that often feel even worse when you feel alone. Friends and family are those people that have been placed in our life through divine intervention. They are often the people who know us most (good and bad) and aim to love us unconditionally. For all the people reading this Newsletter I want you to remember: Life lessons are the collection of the experiences and events in your life that the soul takes need to. We have to embrace the lessons life sends us❤


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