Why we need More Mentors?

I think the meaning and understanding of mentorship needs to be broken down. It isn’t like the word mentorship is a term we hear on a daily basis. So, while it isn’t used verbatim in conversations or even classrooms it is still a word worthy of knowing. When looked up mentorship is defined “as guidance by a mentor, especially an experienced person ….” It is also further defined as a period of time during which a person receives guidance. To put it even more directly Merriam Webster Dictionary uses the words influence, guidance, and direction to explain mentorship.

Did you notice a pattern as the definition of mentorship was broken down? Hopefully you did. The word guidance was used very often..This can be interpreted as guidance being very important to mentorship. To be a mentor you have to be able to offer guidance. Offering guidance is being willing to share, give, help, and teach. This is fairly easy to do when you realize you can only be asked to do a job when you have something to give. I say this because I think some people run at the mentioning of the word mentorship. People may do this because they are unfamiliar, uneducated, or unexperienced of what mentorship means.

I have said this before and I will mention it a lot as the owner of MentorshipRevolution. Being a mentor is simply lending a helping hand. Taking the time to share with someone else what has once been shared with you..Things you would consider sharing could be advice, information, experiences, joy, happiness, or even a object someone else is in need of. Don’t avoid mentorship. Remember parents are mentors, teachers are mentors, pastors are mentors, and even siblings are mentors. Take time to consider being a mentor. You may actually have more to share within a community than you think!

Now the question should be asked: “Why do we need more mentors?” Well I could answer this from the timing of morning to night. There are hundreds of reasons mentors exist in communities and societies. But the reason I think you as a reader can relate to mentorship most is that you already know a lot about it. You have seen the effects of a teacher taking the time to help a student learn or a parent working hard to raise a child they love more than life itself. I ask you to become of MentorshipRevolution because this is our intentions. To help sustain and provide for others living today in ways that are small but effective, and very possible. I thank Social Media because without it MR would exist very differently than it does nor. But because of Social Media I can start MR as an online community that extends to real life and face to face encounters. Come and take part of this revolutionary time we are living in☺

– Sincerely, Founder of MR Hannah ☺


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