Third Edition: MR’s Monthly Newsletter

The 3rd Edition: MR’s Monthly Newsletter

Writer: Hannah A. Lassiter

Dear family,

I hope all of you have been doing well and living well. On this week’s Newsletter I will discuss the Affirmations Series I have created. The entire series is titled: “Learning the Effectiveness and power of Affirmations” ( specifically using them to produce good in your body, mind, soul, and life). There will be several parts to the series each based on different focus and themes. The first part of the series is titled: ” The I in Identity”.

If you are familiar with MentorshipRevolution, which was founded by I the author I have many platforms I use to make MR accessible and useful for those who desire to be apart. On Social Media I use Instagram and Facebook, MR’s website can be found online at, and the email to contact or reach out is Anyway, back to the exciting part. The Affirmations Series I have started really fits the form of revolutionary, necessary, and beneficial. It is adaptable for the young, middle, and old. I ask every one to check it out because it was made for you. And as of now it is free and easily available❤

So, why did I create this Affirmations Series? Especially when there are hundred of other ways I could have connected with my audience. Well, some of its purpose has to do with the sole purpose of me creating MR. The mission I have in mind is to help sustain the minds and lives of people living in the 21st century. This can not be done by 1 person or even a few people (though the mission can start that way). It takes families, communities, organisations, and worldwide unity to uphold this mission. The Affirmations Series is one of the hundred of ways to inform, educate, help, assist, love, care for, and spread the positive energy I desire to see alive in the world. Focusing on the idea of identity is a good start. We all are unique individuals, but our identities are genetic and learned. This means we are born with certain traits and tendencies, but can still reshape, redefine, and revitalize ourselves.

Therefore even if you feel 99% or 100% sure you know who you are or everything that you need to know you should still join this Affirmation Series. I aspire community and unity- so there should only be wisdom and positivity spread. You can find it on all the platforms mentioned above and I am open to making connections and having learning opportunities. Just email ( no nonsense)! Well that will be it for this week’s Newsletter and I hope you have enjoyed the news. Have another awesome week❤


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