MR’s Monthly Newsletter (2nd Edition)

Hi MR family! Here is another monthly newsletter here to serve hearts, or maybe even souls. If this is your first time hearing about MR-the MR stands for MentorshipRevolution. As of now MR is free and available to serve free of discrimination. We believe in the value of community, ideas, education, kindness, and acceptance.

This week’s interesting topic of discussion is taking the initiative in your community. Communities need teachers, mentors, leaders, and speakers. Otherwise they become a place full of people struggling, grinding, and fighting to make it to the top. In Psychology there is the bystander effect. This is when you see something happening that is not right, but you stand by waiting for someone else to intervene. Stop!!! ( You see that bright red sign).

Being a leader that takes initiative is a job that requires more responsibility, truth, and understanding but it is more possible than impossible. Maybe now you are wondering what I am speaking about when I say initiative. Well…Think the jobs you work, the family you are apart of, or the future you are presently creating. Everyday you have the choice to take initiative or just be another bystander. Remember, this word is for everyone of us breathing in this moment. None of us have met the mark perfectly or ever will..But still I think taking the initiative is one of the best ideas for mankind.

Here is another MR Newsletter that I hope everyone has enjoyed. Thank you for being part of this 21st century Revolution!! Please read, share, and like.

– Sincerely, MR’s Founder Hannah


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